Student Funds

Murrup Barak provides Funding Grants to Indigenous students: the Grants are lump sums of money which do not need to be repaid. The Grants are designed to help you manage issues which may impact on your study. The Grants are not designed to be a regular source of income: they are extra support to help you in an emergency, to fill in the gaps for academic costs or provide some extra support for an opportunity such as a student exchange.

The Funding Grants are provided in conjunction with the Scholarships Office to ensure a fair allocation of all available funds to all students.

You can apply for a grant from one of three Funds: the Support Fund, the Academic Fund and The Student Opportunity Fund.

  • Am I eligible?
    • All funds are open to all Indigenous Undergraduate and Post Graduate students, however if you have received two Grants in one year you will not be eligible for a third.
  • How do I apply?
    • You need to make an appointment with a Student Sucess Officer to apply for the Support Fund.
    • There is an application form for the Academic Fund and the Student Opportunity Fund available below. 
    • Please read the criteria for the Fund you are applying for, and addresses the criteria in your application (these are listed just below on this page)
    • The current scholarships you receive may also be used to assess your application.
  • How much should I apply for?
    • You should apply for a realistic amount of funding to cover your expenses. In the case of the Student Opportunity Fund it’s expected that you will have some other funding or income for the opportunity.  
    • The Student Success Team can provide you with advice about how much you should apply for and how much funding is usually awarded.
    • The amount awarded is up to the discretion of either the Associate Director or the Selection Committee. There is a limited pool of Funding to be divided amongst applicants.
  • How do I get paid?
    • If your application is successful you will be notified and funding will be deposited in the bank account you’ve nominated on you student profile (Instructions on how to check the details are here)
    • Please apply in advance if possible: the authorisation and processing of payments may take up to 4 weeks after you submit an application.
  • Support Fund - Open all year.

    Grants from $500 awarded.

    The Murrup Barak Support Fund is used to assist students who are at risk due to financial issues or who have unexpected costs such as:

    *             A sudden health emergency.

    *             Unexpected loss of income

    *             Death in the family, or other family emergency.

    *             Inability to pay bills. 

    *             Inability to make rental payments, and the risk of eviction.

    To access the Murrup Barak Support Fund, please make an appointment with an Indigenous Student Success Officer. The Officer will then put forward your application to be approved by the Associate Director or a Senior Staff Member.

  • Academic Fund

    Now Closed

    Grants from $500 awarded.

    Available to assist with the cost of study such as books, equipment, subject fees, University fees, computer software and hardware.


    Applications need to demonstrate the following to get funding:

    *             Financial need.

    *             Demonstrated commitment to study.

    Please complete an application for this fund and this will be approved by the Selection Committee.

    The funding must be used for the purpose for which it was given.

  • The Student Opportunity Fund

    Now Closed

    Grants from $500 awarded.

    The Student Opportunity Fund is to support students in maximising the opportunities which are available to them while they are studying at the University of Melbourne. This includes academic, leadership or other extracurricular activities such as internships, work experience, conferences, study abroad or exchange (external to Murrup Barak opportunities) and academic or sporting competitions.

    Please apply in advance: the authorisation and processing of payments may take up to 4 weeks after the final date for applications.

    If you receive funding, you will be required to assist Murrup Barak with a promotional or recruitment event such as Open Day, a Murrup Barak Camp or a student workshop.


    Applications need to strongly demonstrate the following to get funding:

    *             How the opportunity will benefit your student experience or professional development goals or clear links to your degree at the University of Melbourne.

    *             Other funding for the opportunity i.e. a scholarship, an overseas HELP loan or your own money.

    The funding must be used for the purpose for which it was given.