Charles O'Leary

Associate Director

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Phone: +61 3 8344 5330


About Charles

Charles is a Kamilaroi man from North West, New South Wales.

In 2014 Charles was appointed to the position of Associate Director of Murrup Barak, Melbourne Institute for Indigenous Development. Previous to this position, Charles undertook the role of Senior Manager Indigenous Staff and Student Programs. Charles was first employed at the University in 2011 to advance the University’s employment agenda.

Charles’s vision for Indigenous Australia is that all Indigenous Australians are provided with an opportunity where they can lead, contribute, participate and benefit from the prosperity of the nation. To this end that that all Indigenous children are provided with a quality education that engages their culture and identity from infancy through to higher education - an educational experience that equips them with the knowledge and the social capital to succeed and prosper in all of their endeavours.