New Student Programs

This year Murrup Barak have piloted two new student led programs: The Indigenous Ambassadors and Mentors Program, and The Murrup Barak Student Representative Committee.

The Murrup Barak Student Representative Committee is a way for students to contribute to service delivery at Murrup Barak by providing valuable advice and inputs to strategy and programs from the student perspective. The Committee’s decisions, feedback and suggestions form part of the Murrup Barak decision-making process. Committee Members are active participants in driving the student agenda of Murrup Barak. The Indigenous Ambassador and Mentor Program provides opportunities for students to lead, deliver projects, manage events, provide guidance and support to new students and gain valuable skills and experience.

Both programs enable students to work in partnership with Murrup Barak staff, and act as co-creators in program delivery to current and prospective students. This allows Indigenous students to shape the experience at Murrup Barak for themselves, their peers and also prospective Indigenous students. The programs also support a connected and vibrant community of Indigenous students and staff at Murrup Barak.

During our first major event for the year, The Transition in Camp for First Year Indigenous Students, the Indigenous Student Ambassadors were the key points of contact for the new students throughout the event. The Ambassadors worked directly with the students, ran workshops and activities and provided support and advice throughout the event. The Student Ambassador's role on the Camp contributed to the success of the event, and staff at Murrup Barak look forward to shaping new programs and projects in conjunction with the Indigenous Ambassadors and Mentors and the Murrup Barak Student Representative Committee throughout this year.