New ATAR Guarantee

Murrup Barak are pleased to announce that Indigenous Students commencing in 2018 will be offered Access Melbourne guaranteed places at The University of Melbourne. This means if an Indigenous student meets the below requirements, they are guaranteed a spot on the day results are released and won't have to wait until offers are released in mid- January.

The below requirements enable Indigenous Students to have a guaranteed spot at the The University of Melbourne:

(1) Completion of an Australian Year 12 qualification or the International Baccalaureate

in the year preceding entry; and

(2) Recognition by Murrup Barak as an Indigenous Australian; and

(3) Satisfaction of the course prerequisites and achievement of the prescribed ATAR

(or notional ATAR) for the following courses:

* 50.00: Arts (Extended)

* 55.00 and a passing score in a Year 12 subject in at least one of Biology,

Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics (any): Science (extended)

* 70.00: Design

* 75.00: Science

* 75.00: Arts

* 83.00: Commerce

* 85.00: Biomedicine

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Nicole Major