Please note all of the below information is a general guide - we recommend you contact Services Australia to find out what applies to your individual circumstances.

The Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Study Assistance Scheme (ABSTUDY) is an external initiative provided by the Australian Government. ABSTUDY is means-tested and can help with your living expenses, housing, travel and study costs.

In addition to basic entitlements students can apply for Additional Allowances. From flights, to living on campus at a Residential CollegeMaster's students can even request ABSTUDY pay 100% of their student contributions (HECS) course fees for them.

Note: A student's eligibility will change over time therefore be sure to keep on top of your entitlements;

For Example: A student is considered 'independent' once they turn 22 years of age. If a student is 'independent', their parent's income and assets are no longer taken into consideration. Therefore, students who may not have previously qualified for ABSTUDY due to their parent's income may now qualify. This includes students who have reached 22 years of age and still live at home.

Please refer to ABSTUDY, the ABSTUDY Policy Manual and A guide to Australian Government payments for up to date entitlements and rates.