Important information about applying to the University of Melbourne.

Applying for an Undergraduate Degree

Applying for an undergraduate degree at the University of Melbourne is done through the Victorian Tertiary Admissions Centre (VTAC). VTAC dates vary from year to year.

For Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students, there are few important steps to take when you’re applying.

The main steps are:

  1. VTAC Application
  2. Special Entry Access (Access Melbourne)
  3. Applying for Campus Colleges


Colleges applications close in October each year before offers are released. Watch our presentation on how to complete a college application

How to apply for Colleges

Find out what Indigenous students have to say about each college here

Confirmation of Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander heritage

As part of the application process, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students will need to confirm their Aboriginality. This is information is required for you to be eligible for Indigenous targeted places and for Indigenous specific scholarships.

In order to confirm your status as an Australian Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander person, in addition to this verbal confirmation, you are required to provide us with written verification; this can be a Proof of Aboriginality Certificate or a Statutory Declaration to state that:

  • You are of Australian Aboriginal/Torres strait Islander descent
  • You identify as an Australian Aboriginal/Torres Strait Islander person.

You can access the Statutory Declaration here.

Guaranteed Places: Access Melbourne Guarantee for Indigenous Applicants

If you meet the below requirements when you get your results, you are guaranteed a place at The University and don't need to wait until offers are released:


You will need to complete a SEAS application, after your VTAC application, to be eligible for a an Access Melbourne place.

Watch our presentation on how to complete a SEAS application

How to complete a SEAS application

Access Melbourne Requirements:

(1) Completion of an Australian Year 12 qualification or the International Baccalaureate in the year preceding entry.

(2) Recognition by Murrup Barak as an Indigenous Australian.

If you're eligible under the category of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander, you may receive a guaranteed place in one of five undergraduate degrees, subject to meeting course prerequisites. Guaranteed entry scores differ for each degree.

  • 50.00: Arts (Extended)
  • 55.00: Science (Extended)*
  • 70.00: Design
  • 75.00: Arts, Science
  • 83.00: Commerce
  • 85.00: Biomedicine

Indigenous applicants will still be considered for entry below these ATARs, but entry is not guaranteed.

* In addition to satisfying the course prerequisites applicants for guaranteed entry to the Bachelor of Science (Extended) also require a passing score in a Year 12 Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics or Physics subject.


It's a good idea to check with Centrelink about your ABSTUDY eligibility early on. In particular the the ABSTUDY Residential Costs Option can help eligible students to manage the costs of living away from home to study, and students can use the Residential Costs Option to cover the fees at one of the University's residential colleges.

Transition in Camp

Just before O-week at the University of Melbourne in February, all commencing undergraduate students are invited to the three day Murrup Barak Transition in Camp. During the camp, you'll get to know the other commencing Indigenous students and the Murrup Barak staff. You'll also get to spend some time figuring out the campus and your classes. There's no need to apply for the camp, the Student Success Team will contact you after you've been offered a place at the University and let you know the details.


You can contact an Indigenous Student Outreach Officer on  (03) 834 44295 or email