Important information about applying to the University of Melbourne.


Degrees at the University work a little differently – you first study an undergraduate degree in Arts, Biomedicine, Commerce, Design, Music or Science. Then you can further professionalise at a graduate level. The Melbourne Model allows you to choose from over 100 areas of study and combine music with Biomedicine or Psychology and International Communications. You can focus on your chosen career from day one or keep your options open and explore a range of subjects before deciding.

  1. You start with an undergraduate (bachelors) degree . Over three years you’ll develop a deep understanding of a study area – your major.
  2. You’ll also study subjects from outside your main study area – we call this breadth. You might, for example, study Science but take breadth in Mandarin Chinese
  3. After your undergraduate degree, you can either enter the workforce or progress to a specialised graduate master’s degree. Graduate degrees offer advanced learning in professional fields such as law, engineering, medicine, architecture and teaching.
  4. If your passion is research, you might go on to further study with our highly regarded PhD program

For example, to become a Nurse, you can study any Undergraduate Bachelor's Degree and then a Master of Nursing Science

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To apply for any undergraduate Degree at the University, you need to submit your application through VTAC – even if you are over 23, are a non-school leaver or have completed some study at another university.

VTAC applications open around May (Mid-Year) and August each year.

Indigenous applicants should submit a Special Entry Access Scheme (SEAS) form through the VTAC portal to be considered for Access Melbourne.

Access Melbourne can help you enter an undergraduate course at Melbourne, even if your ATAR is below the minimum ATAR as well apply for a variety of scholarships.

Through Access Melbourne, you may receive a guaranteed place in one of five undergraduate degrees, subject to meeting course prerequisites. Guaranteed entry scores differ for each degree.

  • 50.00: Arts (Extended)
  • 55.00: Science (Extended)*
  • 70.00: Design
  • 75.00: Arts, Science
  • 83.00: Commerce
  • 85.00: Biomedicine

* In addition to satisfying the course prerequisites applicants for guaranteed entry to the Bachelor of Science (Extended) also require a passing score in a Year 12 Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics or Physics subject.

Steps to Applying:

  1. Select an Undergraduate Degree
  2. Apply through VTAC
  3. Submit your SEAS form through VTAC. Category 1 enables you to be recognised as an Indigenous Australian however you should apply for as many categories as apply to your circumstances.
  4. Email your confirmation document to Murrup Barak – Murrup Barak staff will get in contact once you’ve submitted your application. There’s more here about the confirmation process here.

Important: SEAS applications close before VTAC applications close. If you submit your VTAC application after SEAS closes, it’s a good idea to submit a personal statement outlining any of the SEAS requirements and you many still be considered for Access Melbourne.


You will need to apply to University accommodation separate to your Undergraduate Degree. Find out more about Residential Colleges at the University.


It's a good idea to check with Centrelink about your ABSTUDY eligibility early on. The ABSTUDY Residential Costs Option can help eligible students to manage the costs of living away from home to study, and students can use the Residential Costs Option to cover the fees at one of the University's residential colleges.


Just before O-week at the University of Melbourne in February, all commencing undergraduate students are invited to the three day Murrup Barak Camp. During the camp, you'll get to know the other commencing Indigenous students and the Murrup Barak staff. You'll also get to spend some time figuring out the campus and your classes. There's no need to apply for the camp, the Student Success Team will contact you after you've been offered a place at the University and let you know the details.


You can contact an Indigenous Student Outreach Officer on  (03) 834 44295 or email