Murrup Barak hosts an annual camp which allows Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander high school students in years 11 & 12 to experience University life. The Murrup Barak camp provide students with hands on interactive experiences highlighting  the support available, the University of Melbourne experience as well as opportunities to engage with various faculties and other Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students.

Some of the things you’ll be participating in:

  • A Welcome to Wurundjeri Country
  • Discussion sessions with academics and students from several faculties
  • Various campus and faculty tours
  • Yarning circles with current Indigenous students
  • Melbourne experience from a student perspective
  • Meet and greet with Indigenous staff and students
  • University life
  • Leadership activities

For more information or for general enquiries, please contact the Murrup Barak Outreach Team by emailing

  • Open Day Camp

    Dates for 2018: Thursday 16th – Sunday 19th August

    The Murrup Barak Open Day camp runs at the same time as the University of Melbourne’s Open Day. This camp is a 2 day program where the students will engage in a range of activities over a weekend in August. The benefit of this camp is that students are able to participate in the broader university’s open day activities as be in a position to apply directly for their preferred courses.

  • Eligibility

    The eligibility requirements for the Murrup Barak Camps are:

    • Identify as Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander
    • Currently in year 11 or 12
    • On an ATAR/OP pathway
    • Interested in going to University after High School
  • Cost

    Students who are successful in their application to participate in either of the Murrup Barak Camps will have all travel, accommodation, meals, and activities covered by Murrup Barak. These camps run at no cost to students, families, and schools.

Apply Now

Application Process Explained

Student who apply for the Murrup Barak Camps will need to provide information on their contact details, parent or guardian contact details, emergency contact details, school information, travel details, answer the health questionnaire, and answer 3 student questions.

The following documentation will need to be supplied as part of their application:

  1. Indemnity and Liability Form + Photo Consent Form – to be signed by a parent/guardian
  2. Confirmation of Aboriginality or a completed Statutory Declaration
  3. Teacher Endorsement (letter or email)
  4. Year 11 results (Optional)

Please allow 40 minutes to complete the online application and make sure you complete and return the required documentation as quickly as possible.