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Degrees and pathways for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander secondary school students and non-school leavers.

Career Pathways

Degrees at The University of Melbourne are a little different: They’re similar to those offered by many top institutions overseas in that you’ll start with an undergraduate degree, and can then choose to specialise at graduate level. This is called the Melbourne Model.

Undergraduate Options

Graduate Options

You create your own study path, with the power to choose your own direction and explore new options along the way.

How can I become a Doctor, Nurse, Speech Pathologist, Social Worker, Audiologist, Physio or work in Public Health?

Diploma of General Studies

The Diploma of General Studies is a one-year diploma which gives you a sample of a University bachelor's degree.The Diploma of General Studies is taught in a small supportive environment at the University of Melbourne’s Dookie campus based in Shepparton, Victoria.The minimum ATAR for the Diploma of General Studies is 50.00.  

The Diploma may give you guaranteed entry into a University of Melbourne degree in agriculture, arts, bio medicine, commerce, design or science depending on your academic performance.

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All Indigenous students who choose this pathway will have access to support from the Murrup Barak Student Success Team.

Pathways for Indigenous Students

Bachelor of Science Extended & Bachelor of Arts Extended

The University offers two undergraduate degrees that have been specifically developed for Indigenous students, the Bachelor of Arts (Extended) and the Bachelor of Science (Extended).

These programs provide Indigenous students who have not obtained the results for direct entry into the Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degrees with the opportunity to undertake their studies in a supported environment over a four-year period.

The first year is a foundation year where students will be offered the relevant support needed to transition into University life. In their second year, students will have the opportunity to choose their major in either Arts of Science just as you would in a standard undergraduate degree.

Student who are enrolled in the extended programs will have the option to live on campus at one of the University’s Residential Colleges.

Bachelor of Science Extended

Bachelor of Arts Extended

Non-school leavers

If potential Indigenous students students don’t have any recent qualifications to use as the basis for their application to Melbourne, the non-school lever entry pathway could help gain a place in a preferred course.

All applications to the University of Melbourne must demonstrate academic merit and meet other requirements as part of the application process. As a non-school leaver, you may not have a recent study history and therefore may not meet the standard entry requirements for the course of your choice.

This pathway provides mature-age applicants and those who are not entering direct from Year 12 an alternative way to demonstrate eligibility.

Satisfying course Prerequisites

There are a number of ways that students can satisfy course prerequisites for our undergraduate degrees:

  • Satisfy prerequisites with secondary school studies
  • Meet prerequisites with an adult VCE program
  • Satisfy prerequisites with the University of Melbourne Community Access Program (CAP)

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