Accommodation financial support

To assist with the cost of accommodation, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students can access financial support through the University and government.

When exploring your accommodation options, it is important to consider the associated financial costs including any application fees, bond, rent and/or college fees.

Although there are scholarships, grants, bursaries and government financial supports available to subsidise accommodation costs, it is important to understand that you will have to financially contribute in some way.

To be eligible for Indigenous-specific scholarships, you need to confirm your eligibility by providing Murrup Barak with an appropriate document.

Wondering how you might use financial supports? Read through the example case studies below which show how students may utilise financial supports to assist with accommodation costs.

Taylah from Yidinji Country

Taylah just completed Year 12 with an ATAR of 92.00 and is now moving from Yidinji Country (Cairns) to study an undergraduate degree at the University of Melbourne.

Taylah researched her options and determined that college aligns with her interests and aspirations. Taylah applied and was accepted into an Affiliated Residential College.

Taylah contacted Services Australia and confirmed she is ineligible for ABSTUDY Residential Costs Option based on her parent’s income. Although her parental income means she is not eligible for ABSTUDY, Taylah’s family are unable to financially support her to attend College.

Taylah discussed her circumstances with the college, and they awarded her a $5,000 scholarship. As a Torres Strait Islander student who achieved an ATAR over 90, she was also awarded the Melbourne Chancellor’s Scholarship.

Once enrolled, Taylah applied for and was awarded the Indigenous Accommodation Grant. She also completed the Commonwealth Financial Declaration emailed to her by the Scholarships Team and was awarded the Indigenous Commonwealth Accommodation Scholarship.

After deducting these scholarships, Taylah still had a balance less than $10,000 which she was responsible for paying. Taylah used her savings to cover part of the fees and negotiated a payment plan with the college for the remaining amount.

Jakob from Gadigal Country

Jakob completed his undergraduate studies on Wiradjuri Country (Dubbo) and is now moving to complete a graduate degree at the University of Melbourne.

Jakob wants a more independent lifestyle so applied and has been accepted to a University Accommodation option.

Jakob contacted ABSTUDY who confirmed he is eligible for ABSTUDY Residential Costs Option as he is considered independent with income and assets within the eligibility threshold.

ABSTUDY Residential Costs Option will cover all the compulsory costs of Jakob’s accommodation including rent and amenities, however it will not cover the $2,000 bond. To pay the bond, Jakob applies for an interest-free student loan.

As an Aboriginal graduate student, Jakob will also be receiving the Melbourne Graduate Access Bursary and Indigenous Commonwealth Education Scholarship which he uses for additional study and living costs including buying groceries.

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