Indigenous Tutorial Access Scheme

The Indigenous Tutorial Assistance Scheme (ITAS) is available to all eligible undergraduate and postgraduate coursework students on a case-by-case basis. Tutoring is available throughout your degree.

ITAS sessions are free and tailored to your needs. Each session can go for up to 2 hours per week for each subject you are enrolled in. Students are expected to self‑direct learning with their tutor. ITAS can help you stay on top of your study load and improve your grades. Undergraduate students get an extra 5 hours in total during SWOT-Vac and exam periods.

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All Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students enrolled at the University of Melbourne are encouraged to apply. Students who activley participate in ITAS achieve better results than those who do not.

ITAS is available to all undergraduate and graduate coursework students.

PhD and graduate research candidates are considered on a case-by-case basis, depending on the likely benefits of support and whether you can access other forms of assistance.

How to apply

To apply for ITAS tutoring, log in to the portal using your University of Melbourne credentials.

It’s best to apply for ITAS before the semester starts so we can find a suitable tutor to work with you when classes begin.

You can apply for an ITAS tutor at any time in the academic year.

Once you’ve completed your application, we’ll pair you with a suitable, qualified tutor for your selected subjects.

What happens once I have a tutor?

Once you’re matched with a tutor, you’ll get an email with your tutor’s details. You can then arrange to meet with them.

If you request a tutor and you don’t meet with them, you may lose your access to ITAS. Doing this can also impact on other students.

If you have sent a request but don’t need tutoring for a subject, contact the ITAS Coordinator to let them know.

A tutor can’t start tutoring without our written permission, even if they worked as a tutor in previous semesters.

Do I need to apply for ITAS each semester?

Yes. You need to apply each semester for any subject that you would like to have tutoring for.

Contact the ITAS Coordinator to request the same tutor for another subject you are taking. The ITAS Coordinator must approve all tutoring matches before you can meet.

Other study support

All University of Melbourne students can access other academic skills and study supports.

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Want to become an ITAS tutor?

We are always looking for tutors across a range of disciplines to deliver the Indigenous Tutorial Access Scheme. If you are interested in tutoring with ITAS, we encourage you to check if you are eligible and complete our expression of interest form.

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