Undergraduate courses

The University of Melbourne offers bachelors degrees across nine key disciplines that you can tailor to your interests and goals.

Study a world-class bachelors degree that is flexible and focused. The beauty of our curriculum lies in its essential flexibility. This means your Melbourne experience is yours to shape.

Over three years, you'll develop a deep understanding of your study area – your major. You'll also study subjects outside your main study area – we call this breadth. Whether you already have your career path mapped out, or are open to new possibilities, you can tailor your studies to suit your interests and goals. Murrup Barak will provide you with support at every step along the way.

A Bachelor of Agriculture is your opportunity to use science, technology and business to tackle critical sustainability issues and build a career with lasting impact.

A Bachelor of Arts will build your interdisciplinary knowledge, community leadership and cultural awareness. And, you’ll graduate with the skills necessary to succeed in the rapidly changing, global workplace.

The Bachelor of Biomedicine degree includes core subjects and 15 majors to choose from. This provides you with the foundations for a broad range of professional health pathways.

A Bachelor of Commerce will equip yourself with the skills and knowledge to understand and solve key business challenges. Make a difference to society, policy and organisations while forging a pathway to a global career.

As a Bachelor of Design student, you’ll use innovative processes to solve problems creatively and determine solutions for a better future. You will develop expert knowledge and skills and study real projects within the built environment, engineering, technology and performing and visual arts disciplines.

A Bachelor of Fine Arts has nine specialisations including Acting, Animation, Dance, Film and Television, Music Theatre, Production, Screenwriting, Theatre and Visual Art. You will take creative risk and find your unique artistic voice whilst building your creative network and learning from industry connected professionals.

The Bachelor of Music provides advanced training across a variety of musical disciplines. Students major in Composition, Interactive Composition, Jazz & Improvisation, Musicology & Ethnomusicology, Music Studies, Performance, or Performance (ANAM).

The Bachelor of Science course is designed to provide excellent science education across a broad range of science and technology areas of study and equip students with a range of knowledge and skills to enhance their science studies.

As a Bachelor of Oral Health student you'll develop all the scientific, theoretical and clinical skills to practice in oral health therapy — which includes careers as both dental hygienist and dental therapist.

Bachelor of Science (Extended)

The University also offers the Bachelor of Science (Extended) for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples who achieve an ATAR of at least 55.00. Bachelor of Science (Extended) facilitates a supported transition to University through an additional study year. This extra year is designed to develop academic skills for success at University.

Additional advice

The entry requirements for each Bachelors degree vary, so please take some time to explore the webpage of the degree you are interested in for more information. Visit the University's Handbook to explore the most up-to-date course information.

Under the University's equity and access program called Access Melbourne, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people may be eligible to receive a guaranteed place if they meet the course prerequisites. ATAR requirements for guaranteed entry differ for each degree.

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