Murrup Barak means ‘the spirit of Barak’ in Woiwurrung language. We chose this name to honour the memory of William Barak – a visionary Wurundjeri leader.

Murrup Barak has a diverse team with dedicated staff members who help to contribute to our objectives while supporting the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander student cohort. Director, Inala Cooper (Yawuru) leads Murrup Barak while we work closely with Student and Scholarly Services to provide student administration and support. Murrup Barak also delivers wellbeing and scholarly support services, such as the Indigenous Tutorial Access Scheme to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students at any stage in their degree.

Artwork by Nakia Cadd

Across our website, socials and publications, you may see an image of Bunjil, the creator spirit, who takes the form of a wedge-tailed eagle. This illustration was created by Nakia Cadd (Gunditjmara, Yorta Yorta, Dja Dja Wurrung, Bunitj, Boon Wurrung, Taungurung) who closely worked with our staff to centre Bunjil as an important aspect of our identity. This depiction of Bunjil honours the Country we work on and the strength and determination of future, current and past Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students at The University of Melbourne.

We are deeply appreciative of Nakia's work producing this illustrations of Bunjil centring Victorian Aboriginal artistry and the stories of the Country in the south-east.

An illustration by Nakia Cadd depicting the creator spirit, Bunjil, a wedge-tailed eagle.