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2012 Symposium Presenters with Professor Marcia Langton


The Indigenous Graduate Student Association (IGSA) recognises the people of the Kulin Nations as the traditional owners and sovereign custodians of the land on which the majority of the University of Melbourne campuses are located. The IGSA pays respect to Elders past and present. The IGSA also recognises the important contribution that Indigenous people make to the academic and cultural life of the university.

Over the previous decade, the University of Melbourne has increased the number of Indigenous students entering into post-graduate studies (coursework and research). In response, Indigenous post-graduate students realised a gap of representation at a graduate level. The support of universities services, such as Murrup Barak Institute of Indigenous Development and Wilin Centre for Indigenous Arts and Cultural Development, allowed for formation of a student led representative body. Thus, the Indigenous Graduate Student Association (IGSA) was established.


The IGSA has a number of aims which relate to the support of graduate coursework and research students, collaboration between Indigenous and non-Indigenous students and staff, and the guidance and encouragement of potential future Indigenous graduate students. These aims include, to:

  • Foster communication of research ideas and collaboration between all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander graduate students, and non-Indigenous students who have an interest in research and practice relating to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people;
  • Encourage and support non-Indigenous researchers to undertake Indigenous related research agendas;
  • Engage and support undergraduate students and other Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander people who are interested in undertaking post-graduate study;
  • Provide academic and professional development opportunities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander graduate students through social, cultural and academic events which promote networking;
  • Host and promote academic and social events which contribute to the strengthening of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander graduate community;
  • Advocate on behalf of and support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander undergraduate and graduate students in their engagement with the university; and,
  • Support and encourage Indigenous students and community members to undertake further study

For further information about the IGSA, or to join the IGSA mailing list, email: