Advice and Support


To find out more, book an appointment with an Indigenous Student Success Officer.

  • Meet with an Indigenous Student Success Officer

    Student Success Officers are located in the ground floor of Murrup Barak. Students can drop in or make an appointment - please submit a request for an appointment

  • Accommodation Solutions

    The Team has existing relationships with the University’s accommodation services and affiliated colleges and assists with student college applications and emergency short term housing. Please get in contact with an Indigenous Student Success Officers if you are experiencing housing issues.

  • ABSTUDY Solutions

    The Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Study Assistance Scheme (ABSTUDY) is an external initiative provided by the Australian Government. ABSTUDY is means-tested and can help with your living expenses, housing, travel and study costs.

    In addition to basic entitlements students can apply for Additional Allowances. From flights, to living on campus at a Residential College (all expenses paid, inc meals); Master's students can even request ABSTUDY pay 100% of their student contributions (HECS) course fees for them.

    Note: A student's eligibility will change over time therefore be sure to keep on top of your entitlements;

    For Example: A student is considered 'independent' once they turn 22 years of age. If a student is 'independent', their parent's income and assets are no longer taken into consideration. Therefore, students who may not have previously qualified for ABSTUDY due to their parent's income may now qualify. This includes students who have reached 22 years of age and still live at home.

    For a detailed outline of ABSTUDY available at every stage of your study visit the internal Murrup Barak page:


  • Scholarships

    University Scholarships

    There are vast array of scholarships listed on the central Scholarships Website. Be sure to familiarise yourself with what they have to offer and their individual application procedures.

    The majority of University scholarships are allocated at the beginning of semester and quite a number require an online Student Financial Assistance Application to be completed by the closing date each year.  Please note that you can only submit an application once you are a student of the University and have a student login.

    These type of scholarships are administered by the Indigenous Scholarships and Awards Committee (ISAC). By completing the Student Financial Assistance Application Indigenous applicants are automatically considered. For further information about these scholarships and bursaries, including eligibility criteria and application procedure, please click on the scholarship/bursary title.

    The University has a number of scholarships and bursaries that are only available to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students. Find out more here.

    Residential College Scholarships

    Many Indigenous students finance their college residential fees through ABSTUDY’s residential costs option, however there are also scholarships available at the colleges to support students who are unable to receive ABSTUDY and to help with students’ living costs. Please refer to the College’s website where you are interested in living. Applications for scholarships and/or financial assistance are made in addition to the college application and submitted directly to the college of first preference.

    Faculty Scholarships

    Each faculty through the University distributes scholarships directly to its students, in addition to the University scholarships.  For details on faculty scholarships, please visit your faculty’s website.

  • Emergency Financial Assistance

    Emergency Funding

    If you need Emergency Assistance, please make contact with a Murrup Barak Student Success Team member.

  • Student Spaces at Murrup Barak

    Private study and tutorial rooms.

    There are purpose built rooms for students to engage in private study, group study and tutorial sessions at Murrup Barak.  The rooms on the ground floor are available for students to use 24 hours a day.  The rooms available are:

    • ITAS tutorial rooms -  G08 and G10
    • Private study space – G09
    • Private & group study space – 110 upstairs

    Computer room with Photocopying and printing facilities

    There is a computer room, with 16 PCs, available for Indigenous students on the ground floor of Murrup Barak.  Students have access to photocopying, printing and binding facilities at Murrup Barak, all the services are available at no cost. You are able to gain access to the computer lab through student card swipe access.

    Indigenous Student Common Room

    The Indigenous Student Common Room is a meeting place for Indigenous students of the University. The Common Room has lounges, coffee and tea facilities and a digital display which allows the students to stay up to date with opportunities and important information. The Common Room is a place for students to come together with each other, friends, family and community.

    Throughout the semester fresh fruit is available in the Indigenous Student Common room along with basic breakfast food.

  • Weekly lunch - Tuesday 12:00pm-1:00pm

    Weekly Indigenous student lunches – Tuesday 12:00pm – 1:00pm

    All Indigenous students and staff are welcome to the weekly lunches at Murrup Barak, held in the Student Common room on the ground floor of the Old Physics Building on Wednesdays through the semester.  The student lunches are an opportunity to connect with other Indigenous students and Murrup Barak staff and to keep updated with the latest opportunities available through the University.  Gluten free, vegan and vegetarian options are provided -- let the Student Success Team know if you have any other dietary requirements.