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  • Study Overseas

    All students at The University Of Melbourne have the opportunity to study internationally. An overseas exchange, subject or internship is an opportunity to experience the world at a student and you can discover new study and career opportunities. Murrup Barak encourages all undergraduate and postgraduate students to consider overseas study and programs as part of their study.

    Funding and Support

    Studying overseas is financially possible and supported: there are University and government grants, funds, scholarships and bursaries available to assist your overseas travel. Murrup Barak Student Officers can provide advice and guidance on funding an exchange or study abroad trip.

    Murrup Barak Indigenous Student Success Officers are also able to provide you with support and guidance while you are overseas.

    Your Options

    There are two main ways to study overseas as part of your Melbourne degree, as an Exchange student or as a Study Abroad student. On either program you may receive credit or fulfil degree requirements. There are also other more flexible options, listed below, if you can’t be out of Australia for more than a semester:

    UoM overseas subjects: You can enroll in a single subject from your faculty, or another faculty, which is all or partially taught overseas.

    Short-Term mobility: There are opportunities to take part in research, academic and cultural programs lasting from two- six weeks in an overseas institution.

    Overseas Work Experience and Internships: If your course has an internship component you can undertake an internship overseas, and be considered for a Melbourne Global Grant.

    Find out more about each program here:


    It's a good idea to start thinking and planning an overseas exchange or study abroad trip at least six months in advance. The steps involved in going on exchange are outlined here.

    It's important to understand how an overseas exchange or study abroad trip will fit into your course, especially if you are studying something quite specialised. Course planning can help you understand how studying overseas will fit into your course and how to start your overseas study plan.

    There are specific international opportunities and programs available Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Students:

    • Aurora Indigenous Scholars International Study Tour: The annual Aurora Scholars' Study Tour takes place in October or November of each year, taking Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander university undergraduates (who have completed at least two years of their course of study) and graduates looking to complete further study to visit overseas Universities in the US and the UK such as Cambridge and Harvard and meet academics in their field of study. University of Melbourne students who have participated in the tour have made important academic contacts and also later enrolled in and completed degrees at the Universities they visited.

    While you’re overseas:

    International Cultural Centres.

    As an Indigenous student, going oversea can be an opportunity to connect with other First Nations People and participate in cross -national Indigenous conversations. It’s a chance to experience the similarities and differences in Indigenous people’s lives, and enrich your own cultural understanding and global view.

    Before you go to check if your institution has a cultural centre for Indigenous or First Nations people. You can make contact through Murrup Barak, and arrange to meet staff and students and use the cultural centre as a source of support during your time overseas.

  • Peer Mentor and Student Ambassador Work

    Through the Murrup Barak – Indigenous Ambassadors and Mentors Program, we offer you the opportunity to engage with the wider Murrup Barak service offer and community, in addition to helping you develop and transform your professional and leadership skills.

    Applications open at the end of each year.

  • Internships

    Many degrees offer elective internships subjects.

    Murrup Barak Student Success advisors can also help you figure out the best time to do an internship and what your options are.

    Science Internships

    Arts Internships